Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Runners Group Email Messages

[Runner 1, emailing the group, which includes several dozen guys, a few women, a few people who ran with the group once and never returned, and a few former group members who moved out of town years ago.]
Looks like great weather for tonight. Who's in for 6? Let's get a good group out there!

[Runner 2]
Yeah, the weather looks sweet. I'm in for 9, with 4 at a 7:00 pace. 

[Runner 3]
I'm in. I was planning 10, with 6 in the middle at 6:45, but I'll hang with the gang.

[Runner 4]
In. Was thinking 13 with 7 @ 6:30, but I'll go early and bang out 3 before you guys start. 6:45s will be okay with me because I swam and cycled this morning.

[Runner 3]
I swam and cycled this AM too.

[Runner 5]
Boys, my plan calls for 20. I'll arrive early and do that 3 beforehand. Anyone up for an extra 7 after their 10?

[Runner 6]

I would, but I'm still recovering from that 100K, plus I'll be cycling 35 miles to the run tonight and 35 home. Just an easy 15 for me. Can anyone lock my bike in their car while we run?

[Runner 1]
Guys, will anyone be running just 6 miles at around an 8:30 pace?

[Runner 7, who is the best runner in the group]
Hey, John. I'll do 6 with you. See you there!

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